We are a local business, thanks to its superior quality products and personalized customer service in lawn care and hedge trimming in Quebec, and in a growing proportion of the demand for hedge trimmers of cedars we offer excellence. The development of our employees and respect of environment are the basis of our success.


Under the supervision of the garden workshop supervisor, the supervisor will be responsible for: Diagnosing your land and carrying out certain landscaping cuts, if necessary. We can also make adjustments, modifications and repairs of any cedar hedge. Track turf; Repair other types of unhealthy lawn such as Ventilation - Québec Canadian Province, home and garden services, beloeil, groundskeeper, Stubble cultivation - Peat laying - Hedge trimming and trimming - Weed control, etc ... Contribute to continuous improvement projects of your property; Carry out work using our equipment; Perform other related duties.

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Repairing lawn mower engine

Opening Hours:
MONDAY - FRIDAY: 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM

​SATURDAY: 7:00 AM - 5:00 ÀM

SUNDAY 7:00 AM - 5:00 ÀM


Labelle Pelouse

Yohan Cyr Labelle

394 A chemin des patriotes
J0H 2G0

About Us


Our landscapers are passionate about the outdoors

(M / F) We perform preventive and corrective maintenance, troubleshooting, periodic and periodic maintenance of the grounds, Beloeil, Québec and surrounding areas.

Our Services


- Lawn mowing

- Ventilation

- Stubble cultivation

- Installation of Peat

- Hedge trimming and laying

- Weed Control


Isolation Walltite Cellulose | Urethane


Entretien Grand Ménage Commercial


Service d'élagage à Beloeil, Québec


Enseigne publicitaire LED Intérieur Extérieur


Broches dentaires de couleurs | Braces

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Estimation gratuites des coûts. Nous offrons les services de taille de haies de cèdres, tonte de gazon, ouverture et fermeture de terrains, L'aération de pelouse, déchaumage,  engrais,  pose de tourbe, désherbage ainsi que pose de pave et murets. Service d'élagage à Beloeil, Québec. Notre mission est de rendre votre propriété un havre de bonheur en vous libérant de tous travaux d’entretiens et d’aménagements extérieurs. cueillette feuille ramassage de cèdre Québec ramassage des feuilles ville de la Montérégie.
394 A chemin des patriotes
Saint- charles- sur- richelieu
Québec, Canada
J0H 2G0

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Repairing lawn mower engine

Labelle Lawn regularly performs maintenance and repair of its network of lawnmower engines and trimming curbs. It is cost necessary to keep our equipment clean and safe.

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